Red and September

The last month or so things have been tending towards red in the studio and together  which marks a change away from all of the beautiful blues I have loved for so long. Red has many connotations, it is deemed  a hot colour (by other painters) and has all the other strings of associations such as hot blooded, sexy, smouldering and so on associated with … Continue reading Red and September

Subject Matters

I was reading the other day the top ten list of reasons for buying a painting and it made for interesting reading. Most people when having bought a painting and chatting about why they bought it, the reason was because “they like it”. Fair enough but coming across the interesting survey done by blogger Katherine Tyrell (Making a Mark) delves into this a little deeper. … Continue reading Subject Matters

196 Houses full of artists

Once a year in Brighton it is teeming with artists all slotting into other peoples homes. In fact this May it will be 196 houses, 1200 artists and 14 trails to be precise. Homes turn into makeshift galleries for four weekends in May. Artists take on the role of  temporary gallery owners and welcoming hosts to visitors. Quite a job inviting not only other artists … Continue reading 196 Houses full of artists

Magnified and beautiful

The big block buster exhibitions this April are not really grabbing my attention and so I decided to visit the Courtauld Gallery, which is now top of my list, to see the Botticelli drawings. Set only in two rooms in near darkness it was busy. People were not far off nose to drawing to try and look into the world of another era. The tiny etched and ink drawings were faint but visible. Botticelli drew them in the 1480’s for Dante’s Divine Comedy and they are rarely shown or exhibited. Ten drawings ‘charting Dante’s imaginary journey through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise’. Continue reading “Magnified and beautiful”